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The italian company Eurocamina Srl started in 1961 by producing chart paper rolls, Today the company is producer of a whole range of electromedical devices, such as high quality Black Rapid® thermal chart papers, both in rolls and Z-folded packs, compatible thermal videoprinter papers Plastprint®, a complete range of gels and products for electro- and ultrasound conduction, reusable and disposable electrodes for ECG Classic Trode®.

The company is also producing ECG and EEG devices, with the well known brandnames Cardiorapid®, Cardioswift® and Neurorapid®.

During the last years, thanks to the high technical experience on the thermal papers, Eurocamina Srl has patented and introduced in the market a new security paper, Locked Paper®, which is having great success in all branches, since it can be used anywhere there’s need to protect documents.

The company is also ready to produce on OEM basis. Eurocamina’s strenghts are the high quality of the products,  which constance is guaranteed by the certificed quality system ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, the complete range, the flexibility and excellent service against competitive prices.


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