Black Rapid® Papers



Thermosensible chart papers for ECG and EEG and for cellulose ink paper for EEG 

  • Thermal papers for professional diagnostic papers (NO TELEFAX)
  • ECG papers of different weights, depending on the type of device
  • Termosensibles: chemically treated, with respect towards the environment, they allow a high definition and precision thermal writing
  • For all ECG types on the market
I7:  Infinity paper: protected against external agents
31, 28, L7 & L5:  Papers appositely studied in order to grant the duration of the trace in time (on thermal papers present in the market the trace has the tendency to fade because the chemical reaction reverts). We treat papers in order to make this reaction definitive. Chemical technology suitable to stands the filing. 

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  • They were the first ones in Europe to be certified as CE of class I with measuring function (by notified body).
  • Appearance: our packs are produced with the best possible care and precision. The fold is always at the same place. The pack is a perfect parallelepiped. 
  • They don't damage the thermal head: paper itself is naturally abrasive and therefore uses up thge thermal head. We put on them a special coat which cancel the abrasivity of the paper.


Printing technology evaluation for thermal chart paper:

Paper printed with greasy ink for rotografic, typografic and offset printing

Fat ink does not react with the heat, it remains visible on the surface and makes the reading of the trace more difficult (the color of the print can be seen "floating" over the thermal reacted paper, see pictures below: the reaction has worked all around the printing ink).

The ink which remains on the surface does not take part to the reaction, therefore it does not sublime, thus remaining on the thermal head, making it dirty (less duration of the thermal head with consequent maintenance costs)

[picture of paper printed with greasy ink, with trace realized through ECG device and heating]


Paper printed with special self-extinguishing ink

The ink gets self-extinguished during the thermal reaction, thus making the reading of the trace more easy and keeping the thermal head undamaged: from the picture it’s possible to see that the ink sublimes and gets self-extinguished after the thermal reaction.

The trace can be easily seen in each pare and the thermal head is not compromised.

[picture of paper printed with water based ink, with trace realized through ECG device and heating] 










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